• Disclaimer

    Our disclaimer document is intended for use in relation to the simplest kinds of website that need to comply with English law: information-only websites lacking any significant interactive features (other than hyperlinks and HTML forms). This disclaimer has been used on hundreds of thousands of websites.

    The disclaimer has three main functions. First, it specifies the basis upon which the website may be used. In order to use a website, it must be copied, and so this takes the form of a copyright licence. Second, it attempts to limit and exclude (disclaimer) various types of liability that may arise from the use of the website. Third, it prompts the publication of certain information that must, under English law, be published on a website.

    The document is a shorter version of the basic website terms and conditions document available on this website. The main differences is that this document omits the provisions relating specifically to interactive website features.

    The disclaimer document is divided into the following sections:

    a licence of the copyright in the website (and restrictions on what may be done with the material on the website);
    a disclaimer of liability (which gives the document its name);
    a variation clause;
    an entire agreement clause;
    a clause specifying the applicable law and the jurisdiction in which disputes will be decided; and
    a provision specifying some of the information which needs to be disclosed under the Ecommerce Regulations.
    There is no magic to the document name: this “disclaimer” might as easily be called “terms and conditions” or “terms of use” or “website terms”.

    Please read the notes accompanying the disclaimer very carefully. You will of course need to adapt the disclaimer to suit your website and business.

    Summary of licensing terms
    By downloading a free legal document available on this website, you accept and agree to our terms and conditions.

    The main terms of the licence incorporated into the terms and conditions are as follows.

    Unless you have paid for the right to use the relevant document without a credit and hyperlink, you must: (a) retain the credit in the free legal document; and (b) if you publish the document on a website, include a link to www.gamehackbot from your website. The link can be pointed at any page on www.gamehackbot.
    Subject to this point, you may edit and amend the documents to render them suitable for your purposes.
    You must not re-publish the free legal documents in unamended form. All footnotes and brackets should be removed from the documents before publication.
    You must not sell or re-distribute the free legal documents or derivatives thereof.
    We give no warranties or representations concerning the free legal documents, and accept no liability in relation to the use of the free legal documents.